Better jobs for Kāpiti residents - Council candidate releases exciting new plan

Asher Wilson-Goldman, candidate for Districtwide Councillor, has released a new plan to use the Councils power to support more well-paying jobs across the Kāpiti‎ Coast District.

“Our people shouldn’t have to commute to Wellington just to earn a decent wage,” said Asher Wilson-Goldman, “According to Infometrics, Kāpiti‎ residents have the fifth lowest personal earnings in the country, more than $13,000 per year below the national average.” 

“Our Council has the power to set an example for our community, to advocate for bringing jobs to the district, and to support local well-paying business to thrive.”

If elected this year, I will push for Council to:

  • Make sure all directly employed staff are paid a Living Wage, so that Council is providing, not just talking about, high quality well-paying jobs. The total cost of doing this is significantly less than any of the individual salaries of the Mayor or senior council staff.

  • Lobby central government agencies and Ministers to consider Kāpiti‎ as a base for public services, like the new Police Digital and Communications centre which brought 300 well-paying jobs to Paraparaumu.

  • Create a timeline to bring Council contractors up to the Living Wage, as contracts are renewed or sooner if possible.

  • Ensure Council adequately supports the work of events and groups like Startup Weekend, the PopUp Business School, and the Kāpiti‎ Economic Development Agency, so our local entrepreneurs can grow their businesses.

  • Support iwi to create and grow Māori business, including those that support and capitalise on the growing use of te reo Māori in Ōtaki.

  • Work with our creative and outdoors sector businesses to develop a tourism strategy that makes best use of our natural and creative assets. This could include a marine discovery centre and whale museum at Raumati Beach, enhanced opportunities on Kāpiti‎ Island, an expanded Arts Trail and more.

“I want to be part of a council that’s ambitious for Kāpiti‎ and works hard for our communities. We need local thriving businesses that pay decent wages, so all Kāpiti‎ residents can afford a decent life,” said Asher Wilson-Goldman

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