Ambitious for Kāpiti. Ambitious for our communities.

I’m standing for vibrant communities, real action on the climate crisis, and a council that engages with our people and leads nationally on the issues we care about.

With your support, we can ensure the Kāpiti Coast remains a fantastic place to live. As our district grows, we need a council that represents all of our residents, not just a select few.

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What I stand for


Our communities are growing, but council isn’t taking responsibility for how this growth occurs. We need rail electrification to Ōtaki now, and to build more safe walking and cycling access so our kids can get to school and we can get to work and public transport hubs.

As your Districtwide Councillor, I’ll push central Government to fund commuter rail to Ōtaki sooner, and make sure any new subdivisions have to take into account high-quality active transport to town centres, schools and train stations.

Our environment needs our support, so we can prepare for the climate crisis, and keep our waterways clean for swimming and for our marine life. Rubbish collection should be done by Council, not farmed out for private profit, so we can incentivise waste-reduction, provide better value for residents and have fewer trucks on our streets.

As your Districtwide Councillor, I will make sure we take steps to lead local government in real action on climate change, and treat waste collection and disposal as the core council job it is.

Our council should be setting an example, with genuine engagement so that all of us can have our say. We should embrace the Living Wage as a council, and support Kāpiti businesses to embrace it as well, so we can have good local jobs for all who live here.

As your Districtwide Councillor, I will seek out and engage with those whose voices are not heard, and push for Kāpiti to become a living wage district.

About Asher

I love Kāpiti. From Paekākāriki to Ōtaki, each of our communities has unique strengths that combine to make the Kāpiti Coast a wonderful place to live.

In my day job, I work in Wellington as the Strategic Communications and Partnerships Manager for a central government agency. I help community groups work with local councils and central government, translating bureaucrat speak into language everyone can understand.

Previous roles have seen me campaigning alongside grassroots groups for environmental and social causes; spending time in the trade union movement creating a better working life for all; and three years in Parliament, giving me a strong understanding of how central government works.

I live in Raumati Beach with a wonderful partner, three cats and four chickens. We’ve chosen to build our life on the Kāpiti Coast for the gorgeous beaches and parks, the delicious cafes and restaurants, and for the vibrant lifestyle and community values.

When I’m not working, I love to spend time in the outdoors, walking in Hemi Matenga; the Mataihuka and Paekakariki Escarpment tracks; and along our stunning stretches of beach.

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